ARN Hall of Fame steps up to help the channel navigate COVID-19

ARN Hall of Fame COVID-19 mentorship series

Virtual Event 31 Aug 2020 10:00AM - 10:30AM Add to calendar
ONLINE Sydney NSW Australia

ARN Hall of Fame steps up to help the channel navigate COVID-19

ARN Hall of Fame inductees are stepping up to lend a helping hand to the local channel industry as it navigates the ongoing disruptions caused by the coronavirus pandemic, offering one-on-one mentoring sessions for channel businesses in need.

Over 25 of the industry leaders that make up the ARN Hall of Fame have banded together to offer advice, mentorship and guidance to partners and other channel organisations that may have been impacted by COVID-19 and its ongoing fallout.

Whether channel organisations are trying to work out how to weather revenue and cash flow fluctuations, maintain their supply chains, keep employees on the books or keep their pipeline full, the ARN Hall of Fame wants to help.

ARN is calling on channel organisations that may be doing it tough amid the ongoing disruptions, or perhaps those that are simply trying to make the best of less-than-ideal circumstances, to send us their questions.

If there are no specific questions to be asked, but rather a desire for a chat, ARN is also open to receiving requests for connection with a Hall of Fame member (or members) for a general discussion relating to business continuity during the ongoing pandemic.

Questions, concerns or a request for a chat can be submitted HERE or sent to 

These questions will be shared with the Hall of Fame mentors as a group, or individually, depending on whether individuals wish to ask questions of specific Hall of Fame inductees or to the group as a whole. In response, the relevant Hall of Fame members will make contact with channel businesses calling for help and endeavour to provide answers, in one-on-one sessions, to the most pressing concerns.

ARN HoF Inductees

Alex Gambotto (2018), Allan King (2014), Andrea Della Mattea (2015), Andrew Thomas (2012), Angela Fox (2016), Craig Scroggie (2015), Craig Somerville (2011), Dave Stevens (2015), David Dicker (2010), David Gage (2014), David Henderson (2007), Dominic Whitehand (2016), Doug Tutus (2014), Felix Wong (2018), Ian Poole (2015), John Donovan (2013), John Grant (2008), John Walters (2008), Jon Shein (2007), Kate Burleigh (2014), Karl Sice (2017), Ken Boal (2018), Ken Lowe (2009), Laurence Baynham (2016), Laurie Sellers (2010), Maree Lowe (2009), Moheb Moses (2011), Nathan Lowe (2019), Nick Verykios (2012), Peter Kazacos (2007), Phil Cameron (2008), Philip Cronin (2009), Pip Marlow (2012), Rhody Burton (2019), Ross Cochrane (2009), Ronnie Altit (2017), Scott Frew (2013), Steve Murphy (2013), Steve Nola (2010), Susan Searle (2016), Vlad Mitnovetski (2019), Warren Nolan (2017), Wendy O’Keeffe (2011).

ARN Hall of Fame

The Hall of Fame Inductees


Please note, the ARN Hall of Fame inductees are not financial advisors or legal experts and, as such, any advice provided by them on an individual basis or as a group should be considered general in nature and based on experience. 

If specific professional advice is required, for example in relation to legal, financial or risk management matters, please seek a professional who is licensed or knowledgeable in that area.