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Fully configured Shuttle PCs get ready for take off

Fully configured Shuttle PCs get ready for take off

Taiwanese computer maker, Shuttle, a company that is best known for its line of small form-factor XPC barebones PCs, plans to start selling fully configured machines in the US from next month.

Barebones PCs — including Shuttle’s small form-factor XPC line — consist of a case, motherboard and a power supply. Users round out the system by adding a hard-disk drive, processor, memory and other peripherals, such as a CD-ROM drive.

Shuttle has seen sales of its XPC soar in recent years, from 34,000 units in 1999 to about 500,000 units in 2003. The company hopes to extend this growth by offering fully configured versions of the XPC that are targeted at mainstream computer users.

Among the systems that users will be able to choose from, Shuttle plans to offer a high-end system aimed at gamers that incorporates a 3.4GHz Pentium 4 processor, a 200GB hard drive and 1GB of RAM. Pricing for the system was not disclosed.

Shuttle will also sell fully configured versions of its XPC Zen PC, which is making its debut at the CeBit exhibition. Measuring 17cm x 19cm x 28cm, the XPC Zen is slightly smaller than other XPC models, which measure 18cm x 20cm x 30cm.

The fully-figured XPC Zen, which can be configured with an internal TV tuner, would be targeted at home users looking for a media centre PC, the company said. Shuttle also gave visitors to the CeBit exhibition a look at its upcoming line of liquid crystal display (LCD) monitors.

At first, Shuttle only has plans to offer one LCD monitor model: the 17-inch XP17.

Available in a black or white case, the XP17 can be used either as a widescreen display or stood on an end as a portrait display.

Shuttle wants to broaden its monitor lineup with the addition of 19-inch and 21-inch models next year.

The 17-inch monitors would be available worldwide later this year for about $US600, the company said.

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