Seagate drive enhancements

Seagate drive enhancements

Seagate Technology has unveiled an array of disk and tape drive technologies which are touted to provide enhanced data access speeds for use on applications including full-motion audio and video programs, and CD-ROM caching.

The roll-out features the Medalist Pro 9140, a 7200rpm Ultra ATA-interface hard disk drive for desktop PCs which has a capacity of 9.1Gb and runs magneto-resistive (MR) heads to provide higher densities. The product also comes equipped with 512K of cache and can transfer data at speeds of up to 33.3Mb/sec.

Seagate further enhanced the Medalist range with a series of 3.5in Ultra ATA-inter- face hard disk drives with capacities ranging from 2.1Gb to 8.6Gb. Meanwhile, Seagate announced the Cheetah 9LP low-profile disk drive and the Sidewinder 200, a tape drive autoloader. by Cameron TomesAgateTel (02) 9878 4688Fax (02) 9878 4655

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