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Apple resellers expect dual G5 delays

Apple resellers expect dual G5 delays

Apple resellers are bracing themselves for fresh stock problems following the announcement of dual processor 1.8GHz, 2.0GHz and 2.5GHz Power Mac G5 lines. The new models are slated to hit Australian shelves in coming weeks.

Director of Apple Centre Taylor Square, Ben Morgan, said there was always a problem with supplying customer demand because Apple never manufactured enough of a given line.

“If there’s one constant in life it’s that there will be delays with any new Apple products,” Morgan said. “When the first G5s shipped we waited over a month for the units. The same happened with the iBook and PowerBook lines.”

Apple said the new dual processor 1.8GHz and 2.0GHz G5 models would be available this month, followed by the higher-end 2.5GHz model in July.

Morgan said he was already anticipating that demand would outstrip supply. Within one day of Apple announcing the new G5 line, he had already placed 18 of the 2.5GHz models on backorder.

South Yarra Apple Centre supervisor, Damien Finn, agreed the supply of new G5 lines would be vulnerable to the vendor’s ongoing inability to ship enough stock.

“With Apple we take it for granted that it will be delayed," Finn said. "Apple said June or July, but it’s anyone’s guess.”

Managing director of Apple reseller Next Byte, Adam Steinhardt, disagreed with Morgan and Finn, claiming the 2.5GHz model was expected to be on time.

He said Apple delays only occurred on new product lines, rather than on revisions to existing lines.

Morgan said Apple frequently allowed demand to outweigh supply which had good and bad consequences for resellers.

Finn said in the short-term delays were frustrating, but over the long-term, they could work to Apple’s benefit by creating stronger demand for its products.

“People want what they can’t have,” he said. “iPod minis were meant to be out in April but were pushed backed to July."

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