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Intuit buys Tasmanian copier dealer

Intuit buys Tasmanian copier dealer


Tasmanian-based consulting and IT company, Intuit Technologies, has bought Konica Minolta copier reseller, Harris Business Machines (HBM).

Intuit managing director, Dane Bignell, said the acquisition was an attractive one because it provided access to digital copiers that complemented its consulting and IT skill set.

“HBM was frequently asked if it could take over a customer’s network but had to say no because it didn’t have the skill set,” Bignell said. “We’ve been the same when our IT clients have asked for copiers.”

The acquisition meant a great leverage between the two markets and client bases, he said, as Intuit could now take ownership and management of its client networks.

Bignell was surprised that Intuit was the first to merge IT and copier businesses in Tasmania.

“Nobody down here is integrating the two markets at all,” he said. “Copiers aren’t being used to their full potential in terms of document management and archiving. Advanced printing capabilities aren’t being used as nobody knows how to drive them.”

Technological advances in copiers had grown quickly, Bignell said, but Tasmanians hadn’t tried to keep up.

“People in Sydney and Melbourne say it started four years ago, but down here it just hasn’t been done,” he said.

With the merger of IT consultancy and copiers, Intuit would begin to look outside Tasmania with the intention of adding document management to its business, he said.

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