15 must-have Firefox tricks

15 must-have Firefox tricks

Preston Gralla reveals how to tweak, hack and bend Firefox to your will

Printing shortcuts
Variable: &PT What it prints: Page number and total number of pages (for example: "1 of 4")
Variable: &P What it prints: Page number
Variable: &D What it prints: Date
Variable: &U What it prints: URL
Variable: &T What it prints: Page title

You can combine these codes with text. So, for example, if you visited a Web page on Dec. 15, 2008, the Web page was five printed pages long and you typed in this code:

Preston printed &P on &D

this is what you'd see on page 3 of the printout:

Preston printed 3 of 5 on 12/15/2008

15. Load a bookmarked Web page in the sidebar

If you've bookmarked a Web page, when you visit it next, you can have Firefox load it in the Sidebar, rather than in your main browser area. To do that, right-click the bookmark that you want to load in the Sidebar, select Properties, check the box marked "Load this bookmark in the sidebar," then click OK.

When you then select the bookmark to go to the site, the site will load in the Sidebar. You may need to expand the width of the sidebar by dragging the right edge, to get the site to display properly. The nearby figure shows one site loaded in the Sidebar and another in the main browsing area.

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