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McAfee looks to security in virtual environments

McAfee looks to security in virtual environments

DeWalt says the company's products will share common management, reporting

Things like we're doing with data loss and prevention, we can classify data and block it at the port, block it at the host as well as block it through the protocol on the network.

Now you've got the NAC solution which is the same type of thing where you can control network access, quarantine users, unmanaged users both inline and out of band can both be monitored through the network as well as protected on the host. As we evolve that you'll see more and more of that capability coming out of McAfee.

Doesn't that increase complexity?

We think it's the opposite. When you have a console then the secret sauce is having one set of policies that can govern both the network and the host through ePO.

EPO is completely automated and scalable. Reporting is common. So we can reduce the complexity and produce common reporting and overall lower the cost of ownership for our customers.

The traditional mindset was: put in multiple vendors at every layer and let's try to have a multi-tiered, multilayered, multi-vendor strategy. The complexity overwhelmed them in that model and created more vulnerabilities by having a point product at every endpoint.

After a while it became impossible to manage compliance, understand vulnerability, create common reporting and lower cost.

What's McAfee's current business strategy?

My goal and strategy is to be the largest dedicated security company and the fastest growing and the most innovative. We've been trying to do that with our own R&D but also through acquisition.

No. 1, we've been trying to win the endpoint. Our most successful business area prior to the last quarter or so with the network business had been on the endpoint. We've been able to use our ePolicy Orchestrator franchise (ePO) and leverage that.

Last year's ePO 4 release is a landmark for the company. It gave us a serious platform for managing much more than antivirus. That was the largest single engineering program the company had ever produced. More than 60% of our base customers have converted to the product.

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