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Data #3: A recipe for success

Data #3: A recipe for success

Enterprise Reseller: Data#3

Grant said Data#3 has had its fair share of ups and downs as a publicly listed company, but for the past six years had delivered consistent results to shareholders.

“We’re performing well and solidly,” he said. “Our business today is almost 500 people covering software licensing, infrastructure from the datacentre to the desktop and covering people solutions through recruitment and contracting.”

A veteran in the local IT industry, Grant noted it had grown much bigger over the years.

“With size comes a number of things. It’s a bigger industry and the benefits that it delivers to customers are really substantial now,” he said. “Particularly over the last eight years, with some of the technologies around the Internet, I think we’ve really transformed businesses.

“It’s a really fast moving industry that’s extremely competitive, which keeps you very sharp and continually forces you to be much more innovative in terms of how you do things.” Despite all this, Grant claimed the industry still lacked structure in comparison to other sectors such as healthcare, transport or construction.

“It still lacks structure and therefore its messaging is very fragmented,” he said. “It’s less easy to identify us as a specific industry that does specific things and gets specific outcomes because it’s a very broadly based set of outcomes.

“The overarching difference for me is the significance of what we do and the real value that we can create.”

Grant attributed winning Enterprise Reseller at this year’s ARN IT Industry Awards to Data#3’s professional nature and competitiveness.

“I think we’ve invested a lot of time and energy into building some very strong relationships with vendors in the industry and making sure we have those strong relationships,” he said. “We’re constructive in our engagement and creativity to win in the market place.”

Over the last couple of years, Data#3 has expanded its presence into Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria and NSW. Grant said the integrator aimed to further increase its slice of the market.

“We’re looking to get our solutions more broadly accepted and drive more expertise from our own business as well as continue to contribute to our customer’s wellbeing, who are also operating in a very uncertain environment,” Grant said.

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