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Giving it your all

Giving it your all

Personal Innovation - Customer Service Isabel Reid, Express Data


Outside of the office there is always leisure time for a bit of reading, retail therapy and Internet surfing. At work, however, the focus for Express Data purchasing team leader, Isabel Reid, is happily on producing the goods day in, day out.

“I’m here for the company and I am here to do the best job that I possibly can and I try to do that every single day I am here at work,” Reid said. “Of course everybody has their off days; that is normal. But if you try to remember that you are here for a reason and if your job does mean something to you, and I don’t mean that in the way of it is your pay cheque, if you are doing something you believe in and enjoy doing it, really doing your best every day shouldn’t be an issue for you. Try and make your job something you can believe in and personally feel you would love to do.”

With this kind of dedicated approach it should come as no surprise Reid became the 2008 Personal Innovation Customer Service award winner; a result she didn’t believe would eventuate.

“I do my work day-to-day and try to do my best all the time and I suppose I do get involved with a lot of projects around the place and things like that, but I was incredibly honoured and surprised to find out I was nominated,” Reid said.

“I was that excited about being nominated that I didn’t really think I was going to win, I just thought ‘this is fantastic I’ve been nominated and that’s a huge achievement’. I was happy with that so I was really surprised when my name was called out. I did get a little nervous when the award was announced and they started reading out the nominees. I was just so honoured.”

Yet, for those at the awards night who witnessed the huge cheers and congratulatory hugs given by her Express Data colleagues, it was clear they thought Reid was a deserved winner.

“The people culture is a big part of ED and the team is really close and it doesn’t matter what part of the business you are in,” she said. “We had such a mix of people there that night and you get to deal with so many different people and everyone knows each other. It is a great environment to work in.”

Reid began at Express Data four years ago after starting out with Envisage Technology in customer service. She now heads a purchasing team of nine and hopes to move into more problem solving roles at Express Data in future.

“I actually started in the purchasing team as a purchasing officer and a couple of years ago moved into the team leader role. I’ve worked my way up,” she explained. “Purchasing is just such a great thing to be involved in. Apart from the fact that I get to shop all day, which is always a benefit, you get to deal with so many different people and different vendors and so many different teams within the business. It is great interaction.

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