10 Free Downloads for Your Laptop

10 Free Downloads for Your Laptop

With these no-cost tools, you can get the most out of your laptop or netbook.


Here's a common problem for laptop owners who also have another machine: How do you keep your Favorites and bookmarks synchronized among all your computers? Let's say that you browse the Web on your laptop, adding a few bookmarks and deleting a few. The next day you use your desktop, but of course it doesn't have the latest bookmark changes you made. Trying to make the corresponding additions and deletions on the desktop's Web browser can be time-consuming--and that's assuming you even remember them all.

Xmarks solves the problem neatly. It synchronizes the bookmarks on multiple PCs, and better yet, it does so between browsers as well: With its help, you can keep Internet Explorer bookmarks on one PC synchronized with Firefox bookmarks on another. The tool even works on multiple operating systems, including Windows, Mac, and Linux.

The software used to be known as Foxmarks; since then, its creators have updated it with additional features, including the ability to offer information about sites when you conduct searches. The extras are useful, but you'll really want this software for its synchronization of the bookmarks on all your PCs.

Download Xmarks | Price: Free

Laptop Battery Managers

Ah, batteries--the bane of every laptop owner's existence. They never seem to have enough power, and they run out far too quickly. These downloads will help you manage your laptop's battery life, and they can even help you get more juice out of a single charge.


You have work to do, but you know that your battery is starting to run out. So you keep checking the laptop's battery icon to see how much power is left--and every time you check, you waste precious time. Sound familiar?

This clever, free program shows your laptop's remaining battery life on your mouse cursor. The app can display the information on your desktop, as well.

You can have the cursor text's color and transparency level change, depending on the power level. For example, you can set the program to keep the text transparent in cases when your laptop is connected to a power source, but visible if the portable is unplugged and below a certain power level. BattCursor has a lot of extras, too, such as ways to improve your notebook's battery life.

Download BattCursor | Price: Free

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