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Reputation is the key

Reputation is the key

Enterprise Reseller of the Year, Data#3

Fortunately for Grant, reputation and history are two things his company has got in spades. Founded in 1977 as Powell Clark and Associates, it became Data#3 in 1984 and focused on SMBs and healthcare providers. According to the managing director, the organisation has come a long way since the early days when it was run out of a garage.

“We became an ASX-listed company in 1997. We’ve become a very mature organisation, we’re better managed, we have people who understand their responsibilities and how to execute their roles better and we’ve got so much more recognition in the marketplace,” Grant said.

He felt the driving force behind Data#3’s ongoing success was its ability to adapt to the changing needs of its partners.

“The one thing we are is responsive to our customers and responsive to our vendor partners. What we’ve got is vendor partners introducing new technologies and new ways of delivering technologies to our customers through the cloud and so on,” Grant said.

“On the other hand, we’ve got customers trying to apply that technology to give themselves a business advantage in different sort of models and we’re the people in the middle of that doing the interpretation between what the manufacturers provide and what the customers need.

“As long as we remain in tune with that, we’ll continue to grow and remain influential. We spent a lot of time understanding those things.”

Fortunately, Grant predicts a recovering economy will stabilise the market and continue to allow Data#3 to grow.

“We are in a difficult arc, but I do see opportunities improving toward the latter part of this financial year and into the next financial year from a global perspective if it stays as it is,” he said.

But he also said relying on an economic recovery to renew the industry was not enough and that all organisations would need to emulate end users and continuously adapt for the better.

“As you grow your business, you need to think about how you transact business in a cleverer or more innovative way and that includes what our customers do, which is apply technologies to give ourselves an advantage,” Grant said. “Things like making sure we’re as automated as possible without taking away the intimacy of doing business.”

For Grant, there’s little doubt Data#3 will keep doing well for many years to come both in business and in the ARN awards.

“We’ll be continuing to pursue that not only in terms of the award itself but also the behaviour that has allowed us to be successful with that award. I don’t see us not being an enterprise reseller for the foreseeable future,” he said.

“As this role changes, we will change with it. We’ll make sure customers realise we deliver value and that we can take them places they can’t get by themselves.”

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