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Order in the court: 10 high-impact cases

Order in the court: 10 high-impact cases

There are some disputes that just can't be settled amicably - here are some of the high-impact court cases that have made headlines recently

There are some disputes that just can't be settled amicably, here are some of the most high-impact court cases that have made headlines recently.

<b>iiNet vs AFACT judge: What’s the point in this case?</b>

One of the Federal Court judges overseeing the copyright case between iiNet and AFACT questioned the point of the proceedings. Justice Emmett said it seemed there was nothing the court could do to resolve the fundamental matter of who should be responsible for dealing with copyright breeches.

<b>Oracle request denied to minimise oral evidence in sexual discrimination case</b>

Former employee, Rebecca Richardson, is suing Oracle for sexual discrimination and one of the vendor’s employee’s, Randol Tucker, for sexual harassment. Richardson claims she was unfairly demoted after she flagged Tucker’s inappropriate behaviour to the company and is seeking $450,000 in damages.

<b>Resellers in court against Fujitsu</b>

Resellers, ASI Solutions and Webster Computer Systems, have won a significant victory over Fujitsu Australia in the Federal Court more than five years after first planning legal action against the hardware vendor. The pair was among several resellers exposed to substantial commercial losses after selling Fujitsu’s MPG3 and MPF faulty hard drives between 2000 and 2002.

<b>Clive Peeters accountant gets eight years gaol for $19m theft</b>

Former Clive Peeters accountant, Sonya Causer, was found guilty of stealing more than $19 million from electronics retailer. Causer will spend at least five years behind bars, she pleaded guilty to 24 counts of theft. The theft led to the retailer’s demise.

<b>Apple wins Buzzle battle</b>

Apple won an eight-year court battle with liquidators for defunct reseller group, Buzzle. Liquidator, Andrew Wiley, claimed Apple breached the Corporations Act by selling stock to the organisation while allegedly knowing it was insolvent. He claimed the IT vendor was acting as a ‘shadow director’ and was responsible for Buzzle’s debts while it was insolvent.

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