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Intel switches on 'first virtual retail salesperson in Asia'

Intel switches on 'first virtual retail salesperson in Asia'

Virtual retail salesperson made in Penang.

Silicon solutions firm Intel Malaysia has launched the Intel Virtual Retail Salesperson (RSP) to enhance consumers' IT shopping experience in a mall.

According to Intel Malaysia country manager Ryaz Patel the RSP is the first of its kind in Asia. "The Intel Virtual RSP is powered by Intel Core processors and is an interactive kiosk with an easy step-by-step decision making tool, which complements the role of retail salespersons to help customers choose their personal computer (PC) according to their budget and usage model."

"Intel believes the Virtual RSP will transform customers' PC shopping experience by helping them make the most appropriate PC purchase decision that best suits their needs," said Patel.

"We also envision that these Intel Virtual RSPs may help reduce the visual clutter at IT malls," he said. "It is also environmentally friendly since it reduces the use of printed brochures which in turn help reduce paper usage."

"As well as Intel core processors with vPro technology, the Intel Virtual RSP also features Intel Active Management Technology (ATM), which allows administrators to manage systems remotely even when powered down, thus helping to reduce operational costs and energy consumption," he said. "Integrated with wireless transaction technology, the Intel Virtual RSP can be monitored via a central management system and can be placed anywhere in a mall or any other location to deliver real-time content."

He said the Intel Virtual RSP may also be configured to collate generic engagement and demographics data. "The data can be used by retailers to customise their promotions to a more targeted audience. Each Intel Virtual RSP is customisable and products listed are specific to the respective IT stores. This new solution is one of Intel's digital signage solutions."

Made in Penang

"The launch is very significant as Malaysia is the first country in Asia to launch these Intel Virtual RSPs," said Patel. "In addition, we are very proud to announce that the Intel Virtual RSP is 100 per cent locally developed by the Intel embedded and communications group (ECG) based in Penang."

He said local engineers from Intel ECG worked with local OEMs (original equipment manufacturers) and V-Series International to develop the Intel Virtual RSP. "Under Phase 1 of the rollout plan, Intel will deploy seven units of Intel Virtual RSP in Lowyat Plaza, Kuala Lumpur."

"Intel's embedded business has a tremendous opportunity for growth in intelligent applications, currently fuelling innovation across more than 30 markets with more than 3,500 customers in 15 industries around the world and generates more than US$2 billion dollars in annual revenues," said Intel ECG director, Asia operations, Eric WP Chan.

Chan said embedded technology is used in digital signages, information kiosks, wired or wireless communications infrastructure, automated teller machines, printers and network storage systems as well as in factory and medical equipments.

"Started in 1992 with a group of 12 personnel, Intel ECG Penang has grown to 374 personnel who are involved in product design and development as well as platform solutions development and enabling," he said. "Intel ECG Penang is committed to delivering full end-to-end capability in Malaysia."

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