Personal Innovation Awards: Customer Service - Stephanie McFadden, Westcon group

Personal Innovation Awards: Customer Service - Stephanie McFadden, Westcon group

Understanding people

A job well done and an affinity for people are the two main reasons Westcon Group order management and licensing team leader, Stephanie McFadden, won the customer service personal innovation award.

According to McFadden, dealing with customers on a day to day basis was not boring or mundane when done the right way. She claimed getting it right was vital for any company trying to add value to its business.

“It’s about relating to the people you’re speaking with,” she said. “If you don’t understand their situation I think you can’t help them move forward in the problem they have or help them with specific needs.

“Making sure there’s communication between both parties is the key.”

Fortunately for McFadden, speaking with customers isn’t too much of a chore thanks to her personal love of a good chat.

“It’s partly a bit of my own personality, but I have learned from really strong leaders within our business about how to approach people the best way,” she said. “I then put my own personal spin on things as well.”

Questions asked of Westcon customers are varied and detailed, depending on what they do and need on any given day. They ranged from big picture issues on how to improve service to small details like missing information on individual documents.

At the peak, McFadden juggles up to 30 separate accounts – each with individual needs, demands and personalities. Although she acknowledged it was challenging at times, the personal innovation award winner made this into a positive goal.

“It was my own personal goal to make sure I was in reach and understood each of the resellers needs and wants,” McFadden said. “It always makes it easier delivering good or bad news when you’ve got a rapport with someone.”

But all the hard work and positive feedback didn’t make winning the prize any less of a surprise.

“It’s a very humbling experience,” she said. “To be appreciated by people in the industry is a great thing.”

After almost a year of working at the job, McFadden has a new goal. With 12 people on her team, she is tasked with making each one as talented and conscientious as herself when it comes to dealing with customers.

“I’ve got to develop the team at Westcon Group so I’ll be staying around for a while longer,” she said.

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