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APP OF THE DAY: Celtx Script

APP OF THE DAY: Celtx Script

"Does anyone have Michael Bay on speed dial? I’ve got some stuff I’d like to send him"

Celtx Script
Cost: $4.99 | Developer:Greyfirst Corp. | Platform: iPhone/ iPad| Version 1.6 | 0.6 MB | iOS 3.1.3+

Sitting in the local coffee shop on a lazy Sunday bashing a few thousand words out on that screenplay that will never get read, let alone turned into a film, gets that little bit easier with Celtx.

I’m one of those people who has essentially retired his notebook. I use computers largely for word processing, but a Bluetooth keyboard, pocket Wi-Fi and iPad combination has rendered that notebook as redundant when I’m out and about.

Except for when it came to writing my completely awesome screenplay. The unique formatting that it requires means I was still scripting away on something that takes a whole minute of my time to boot and close down.

Then I discovered an iPad version of Celtx, a famous and reasonable screen writing program, and the temptation of being able to save at least two minutes per day meant I just had to try this out – the return on investment for that $5 was obvious.

I’m being facetious, but as somebody who does prefer tapping away on an iPad, this is a very good piece of screenwriting software. It does the formatting correctly across Screenplay, Audio-Visual, Stageplay, Audio Play and Comic formats. It organises what you’ve done well into chapters and the like. It syncs with your online Celtx account so you can pick up back at home from your desktop or notebook if you want. It lacks a printing command, but you can email the documents to yourself as well when you head down to the printers (or to a printer itself if you’ve got one of those newfangled ones with a dedicated email address).

So all up, it works, and the Courier font is really easy on the eyes on the iPad. I wouldn’t want to type an entire script on the thing if I didn’t have a keyboard, but the versatility of the program means I can whip out my iPhone and jot down a few lines of dialogue if they come to me during a boring meet… lunch break.

Now, does anyone have Michael Bay on speed dial? I’ve got some stuff I’d like to send him.

Pros: If you have any reason to write a screenplay, here’s your mobile solution.

Cons: Typing scripts without a Bluetooth keyboard will quickly grind your fingers to dust on the iPad’s solid screen.

Verdict: Should a Final Draft application hit the iPad, it will likely be superior, but this is a good, barebones alternative, and quite cheap for the specialised formatting it offers.

Get it here: iTunes

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