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APP OF THE DAY: My Writing Spot

APP OF THE DAY: My Writing Spot

"$3 for a word processor that can’t bold text? Ouch."

My Writing Spot
Cost: $2.99 | Developer:PT Software Solutions. | Platform: iPhone/ iPad| Version 1.8.4 | 1.0 MB | iOS 3.0+

The best thing about My Writing Spot is that it syncs with your online account, which allows you to tap out a few phrases on your iPhone on the train, a couple of paragraphs in the coffee shop on your iPad over lunch, and then settle down and continue writing well into the night on your computer at home; all seamlessly, and with no need to email partial documents all over the place.

Otherwise, it is a really basic word processor; so be warned, it doesn’t even allow for italics and bold text. Technical textbooks is not what this software is good at. For writing that novel, however, this will do the trick, as it offers an easy chaptering system.

As an experiment, last year I took a crack at NaNoWriMo; the yearly event for writers that challenges you to write a novel in a month. Like most, I lost all motivation halfway through, and never “won” the self challenge, but this is the software I used to write my half baked half finished story. The software worked far better than the story read, let’s leave it at that.

The only real downside is the price for such a basic word processor is costly. A couple dollars more gets you an entire word processor replacement for Microsoft Word. You’ve got to be really mobile and want to work on a book or journal across a number of devices for this to be worth the investment.

Pros: That online synch is the perfect (and secure) way to work on your killer novel while both on the go and at home.

Cons: $3 for a word processor that can’t bold text? Ouch.

Verdict: It’s rare that I’ll call $3 pricey, but that’s exactly what My Writing Spot is. Still, it has its uses, especially if you are working on a lengthy book or thesis, and addicted to using the iPad in coffee shops.

Get it here: on iTunes

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