"Flicking through the pages is a disjointed experience that doesn’t always match up with the screen"

Lasoo for iPad Cost: Free | Developer: Lasoo | Platform: iPad | Requires iOS 3.2 or later | Version: 1.1.0 | Reviewed on an iPad 1

Christmas is on the way, and naturally that means everyone is going to be looking for the right gifts to buy. Lasoo is here to do its bit to help.

It’s not the most complex or pretty app; it displays a bunch of catalogues from various vendors. As these catalogues are not of a uniform size, flicking through the pages is a disjointed experience that doesn’t always match up with the screen.

That’s rather irrelevant though, since anyone using this app is simply looking at what’s available out there, where it’s available from, and for how much. And for your Christmas shopping, Lasoo is a good, free resource. There’s a wide range of catalogues up there, and they’re current.

It’s just as well it’s only 10.2MB in size, though, since Lasoo’s utility outside of those big shopping events is limited.

Pros: Wide range of catalogues on show, consolidates some of the Christmas research into one application

Cons: Presentation is badly lacking, and this is a pretty limited app overall.

Verdict: It’s free. Use it for the Christmas shopping and then delete if necessary.

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