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Cisco Live! 2013: Mobile usage to increase six-fold by 2017, says Dr Pepper

Cisco Live! 2013: Mobile usage to increase six-fold by 2017, says Dr Pepper

Key drivers include growth of video, content, speeds and number of users

Mobile traffic in Australia is expected to increase six-fold between the timeframe of 2012 to 2017, according to Cisco global technology policy vice-president, Dr. Robert Pepper.

He was speaking at the A/NZ Cisco Live! 2013 event in Melbourne, where he highlighted the main findings and forecasts of its 2013 Global and A/NZ Mobile Visual Networking index (VNI) Index.

The Index indicated that by 2017, the compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of mobile data is expected to surge to 43 per cent in Australia and 50 per cent in New Zealand.

Dr Pepper said the key drivers of mobile usage escalation include the growth of mobile video, content, speeds and number of users connected to devices.

He claimed five top trends arise as a result of this growth:

  • Device diversification – Dr. Pepper said smartphones will account for 51 per cent of global mobile device growth in 2017. “We need to compare A/NZ to Korea and Japan. Those are our peers, those are the advanced countries with advanced IT infrastructures,” he said.

  • Impact of 4G connections – according to Dr. Pepper, there is also a shift in the consumption per device. 4G smartphones are consuming more data than its 2G and 3G counterparts.

    Globally, smartphone traffic is expected to surpass mobile traffic in 2017 - at 67.5 per cent versus 14 per cent, and in Australia, 4G adoption will rise from one per cent in 2012 to 17 per cent in 2017.

    “We’re seeing a shift in the patterns of data traffic. We’re forecasting within five years, the data consumption between a 4G smartphone, tablet and a laptop are essentially going to be the same; which is twice what they are consuming today,” he said.

  • Traffic offload from mobile devices – Dr. Pepper claimed global mobile traffic offloaded in 2011 was 11 per cent, and is expected to escalate to 22 per cent in 2016 and 46 per cent by 2017. “In Australia, it estimates to be 15 per cent in 2012 to 26 per cent in 2017.”

  • A mobile Internet of things – Dr. Pepper said by 2017, there will be 1.4 mobile connections for every person in the world. In Australia, that number almost doubles to 2.2 mobile connections per person.

    “It’s not coming from population growth, it’s coming from the growth in devices, which is going to grow at a CAGR of eight per cent versus the two per cent of the population,” Dr. Pepper mentioned.

  • Mobile video and Cloud readiness – he said the mobile app traffic growth in Australia is led by video, which accounts for 63.1 per cent of all app traffic. In addition, 84 per cent of mobile data traffic, by 2017, will be accounted by the Cloud, as compared to 74 per cent of mobile data traffic in 2012.

    “This is led by high-definition video streaming and high resolution file sharing. Industries such as businesses, government, healthcare and education will benefit from the high end collaboration,” he added.

Hafizah Osman attended Cisco Live! 2013 as a guest of Cisco

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