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SafeNet brings Cloud-based authentication service to A/NZ

SafeNet brings Cloud-based authentication service to A/NZ

Cloud product provides Authentication-as-a-Service for enterprise customers

SafeNet has released its new Cloud-based authentication service, billed as Authentication-as-a-Service, in A/NZ.

SafeNet A/NZ regional director, Vince Lee, said the authentication solution was made specifically for the service provider environment, enabling providers to introduce Authentication-as-a-Service to their enterprise customers.

“The way our authentication service was built was so service providers could leverage it,” he said.

“It was built from the ground up, not only to be multi-tiered and multi-client, but also as a multi-tenanted environment.”

Lee said customers can host their own services using the same infrastructure SafeNet uses.

“The idea of bringing it locally it was really around customers wanting to consume their services differently, or to get different value out of those services through localisation,” he said.

In addition to strengthening security and compliance, the other benefit for service providers is an increase to the average revenue per user (ARPU), as well as reducing the cost and complexity associated with offering and implementing authentication.

Lee said SafeNet provides its Cloud authentication services out of several datacentres located in the Americas and EMEA.

Service providers can leverage the existing infrastructure and rebrand it as their own, and this is what the Ethan Group has implemented on a local level in Australia.

According to Lee, the Ethan Group went in this direction because it “has a lot of Government customers.”

“They felt that in terms of retaining all of their data, that was the best way to satisfy all of those requirements,” he said.

“For some [data sovereignty] is an issue, though sometimes it is not.”

Going virtual

In addition to the launch of the Authentication-as-a-Service and the Ethan Group’s decision to host it in Australia, SafeNet has announced the industry's first Crypto Hypervisor

The move is designed to eliminate the complexity of managing encryption Hardware Security Modules (HSMs), as well as making it to provision and manage scalable and elastic data encryption services in the Cloud.

“What VMware did for server virtualisation, SafeNet is now doing for encryption virtualisation,” Lee said.

Patrick Budmar covers consumer and enterprise technology breaking news for IDG Communications. Follow Patrick on Twitter at @patrick_budmar.

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