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Wireless device steals show

Wireless device steals show

Two things were clearly hot at the recent PC Expo: the New York weather and wireless devices.

Palm Computer stole the spotlight with an America Online deal that will let AOL's 17 million members get e-mail delivered to Palm's handheld computers. The deal could raise the awareness of corporate MIS groups about how well handheld computers can be tied into the Internet and into corporate intranet information.

To get mail this way, a Palm III or Palm V device is needed, plus some new client software that AOL is now writing.

After adding a wire-line or wireless modem, users will be able to send and receive e-mail via their AOL accounts - bypassing their Windows PCs.

The new service is due in September. Later this year, the two companies will launch AOL services for the Palm VII, a device with a built-in wireless modem that connects to Palm.Net, a kind of wireless portal with a range of Web-based information and services formatted for small-screen handheld devices.

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