BenQ unveils flicker-free technology

BenQ unveils flicker-free technology

Claims it curbs computer vision syndrome

Networked digital lifestyle vendor, BenQ, has incorporated a new technology into their monitors which aims to eliminate the flicker and minimise glare to better protect the eyes.

BenQ’s Flicker-free Technology will soon be a standard inclusion across a range of its business, home and gaming monitors.

The company said, in a statement, that pricing will remain consistent across its product range.

The eye practice optometrist, Dr Jim Kokkinakis, said the new flicker-free technology perceptibly reduces eye strain and curbs computer vision syndrome (CVS).

“To reduce the incidence of CVS involves taking steps to control flicker, lighting and glare on the computer screen, in addition to establishing better working practices to minimise the negative effect the computer is having on our eyes,” he claimed.

He claimed CVS encompasses a group of eye and vision related problems that result from prolonged computer use.

The most common symptoms are eye strain, blurred vision and dry, itchy or burning eyes, which will often culminate in a headache or migraine.

“CVS is an epidemic born from the computer age. The dramatic rise in ownership of smartphones and tablets, coupled with modern day work practices involving extended use of PCs, are causing our eye muscles to work harder and for longer periods,” Dr Kokkinakis said.

But of greater consequence, CVS leads to Myopia (short-sightedness) with a study conducted by the National Eye Institute in the US reporting the prevalence of near-sightedness increasing by around 66 per cent over the past thirty years in America.

“Many paediatric optometrists now believe that heavy computer use puts people at risk for early Myopia, which later in life can be associated with development of glaucoma and retinal detachment. If this trend continues the incidence of potentially blinding eye diseases may also increase,” he said.

Other manufacturers of computer monitors, such as Acer and Lenovo, have also recently been investing in flicker-free technologies to downgrade the impact of their technology on eye health.

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