Google's barges will be floating art projects with giant fish fin sails

Google's barges will be floating art projects with giant fish fin sails

Newly unveiled documents show the barges will be more than mere floating boxy showcases.

So, as it turns out, those floating mystery Google barges weren't part of Larry Page's evil plot to strike his revenge on a world that causes him so much sadness.

We're pretty sure.

According to Google, the barges are "interactive spaces where people can learn about new technology." However, newly unveiled documents show that the barges will be no mere showcase stages, they will water-borne works of art boasting multiple giant translucent sails "reminiscent of fish fins."

Documents submitted to the Port of San Francisco and obtained by The San Francisco Chronicle show that the barge currently under construction in the S.F. Bay will be flanked by numerous sails, which "will remind visitors that they are on a seaworthy vessel."

The documents go on to describe the vessel as a "temporary technology exhibit space," that will sail to various locations around the bay and eventually off to other west coast ports.

As Google launches ever further into being a full-fledged hardwaremanufacturer, it certainly would be in Mountain View's interest to have their own version of Apple Stores: Unique and visible showcases from which to launch a bevy of new toys.

The documents go on to further describe the vessel as an "artistic structure that combines innovative architecture with a bit of nautical whimsy," that will "inspire conversation, community and 'a-ha' moments."

One can only hope that the barges will inspire enough "a-has" to make people forget how dorky they look wearing Google Glass.

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