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iiNet's new NBN service to bring regional customers up to speed

iiNet's new NBN service to bring regional customers up to speed

Customers claim the ISP has resolved connectivity issues related to regional life

Internet services provider, iiNet has made its NBN 25/5 wireless broadband service available to customers in regional areas of Queensland and Tasmania.

The service, which iiNet claims will deliver faster speeds than ADSL2+ in metropolitan areas, has recently been expanded to potentially cover 28,000 in the Mackay-Whitsunday region of Queensland to about 3000 additional premises in Tasmania.

iiNet reports that its customers are 'jubilant' over the speeds they are able to achieve with the new service.

Rachael Kenney, an iiNet Group customer who runs a small business in Mount Jukes (north of Mackay) said, “It’s great compared to what we had before, which was only 3G mobile broadband.”

Julian Bunda, who lives in Gardeners Bay in regional Tasmania, said access to the new service has made the trade-off between quality of life in regional areas and the connectivity of the urban environment much less of an issue.

“While it’s a good place to raise kids, it is always challenging working in a rural area,” he said.

“We get at least 23 megabits per second and we’ve hit 29 at times. We have Internode’s NodePhone VoIP service over the NBN.”

The ISP says the availability of this new service in regional areas across the country will give customers the same online service that metropolitan residents have had access to for years.

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