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Developers are overcoming Big Data learning curve: Splunk

Developers are overcoming Big Data learning curve: Splunk

Analytics company finds developers are now overcoming the complexity of Big Data with better tools.

Developers have been hitting a roadblock with the infrastructure and lack of maturity of current Big Data platforms, but Splunk is now seeing that change.

CTO, Todd Papaioannou, admits it has been “a bit of a raw experience” for developers, as the tooling has been focused on the infrastructure level.

“We’re at the beginning of what you can be categorised as the emergence of the Big Data industry,” he said.

Papaioannou said this is finally changing, as Hadoop vendors are improving some of the lower level infrastructure components.

Splunk has also made a name for itself in the Big Data space by allowing users to gain value and results out of their Big Data infrastructure.

The Big Data company has a product called Hunk, which Papaioannou said acts as an overlay on Hadoop and contains functionality from Splunk Enterprise to “simplify and speed up” analytics.

Facilitating value

The world of today has more data than ever before, and Papaioannou said businesses can no longer ignore the possibilities of Big Data.

“Real business insight can be had from leveraging Big Data and making actionable business decisions,” he said.

Traditionally a lot of data that was stored tended to be discarded, though Papaioannou said today’s Big Data solutions are “showing people value and insight.”

For Australian businesses who have yet to make use of Big Data, Papaioannou suggests they think about how they can leverage data to better compete, as well as understanding the data to make decisions.

“Planning forward and understanding what you want to get done is critical,” he said.

“Building a relationship with a trusted partner, who understands the world of Big Data and will accompany you on the journey, is also important.”

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