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Flash storage comes of age

Flash storage comes of age

Violin launches industry first all-flash based primary storage system

Violin Memory director A/NZ, Ross Lynch

Violin Memory director A/NZ, Ross Lynch

Violin Memory has launched its latest flash storage platform (FSP), an all-flash storage system designed to run all primary storage and active workloads below the cost of traditional disk.

Violin chief executive, Kevin DeNuccio, described the release as a ‘game changer ‘.

“Customers gain 10X performance improvements for most applications. These performance improvements deliver efficiencies that can completely change the competitive dynamics of most industries by removing the latency and bottlenecks created in the data center by legacy disk.”

The FSP release includes the new 7300 and 7700 all flash arrays, Concerto OS 7, and Symphony 3 management control.

Spearheading the release is the Concerto OS 7. Violin said It combines its system-level flash management and control, block-level de-duplication and compression data efficiency engine, data management, protection, and recovery services into a single integrated operating system.

Managed by the user through Symphony 3, the firm said it provides flexibility and granular control on a per workload, application or LUN level of all features with a single pane of glass storage management solution.

The hardware offerings have been developed in conjunction with Violin’s strategic OEM partner, Toshiba.

Violin Memory director A/NZ, Ross Lynch, said the company has been working with Toshiba to create arrays that are smaller and faster than commodity based SSDs.

“Its based on NAND flash. In the NAND world, you have single level cell and multi level cell technology. We are using both. Having a strategic partnership [with Toshiba] means we are able to have a consistent supply chain. As it is a technical relationship we are able to be at the forefront of technologies as they come through.”

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“Flash has been at a tipping point for a number of years. Since the early days here in the Australian market, we have been talking to a lot of enterprise customers about how flash can transform their data centres. Both from a power and floorspace perspective, but also how we can accelerate their applications.”

“If you were to tier flash the market in terms of storage applications, there are tier 0, tier 1 and tier 2 applications. Up until now, flash has been relatively expensive, it hasn’t been able to tackle the market. Violin, up until now, has only focused on the tier 0 high-performance market.”

“With this launch, we are coming to market with flash that has inherent data efficiencies around in-line deduplication and compression. What that allows us to do is to tackle not just the tier 0 market, but to offer attractive pricing on effective dollar per gigabyte to customers in both the tier 1 and tier 2 space.”

The Violin offerings are available now exclusively through channel partners NextGen Distribution and IDS.

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