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5 For 15: Chris Petersen, Asset Guru chief executive

5 For 15: Chris Petersen, Asset Guru chief executive

The keys to 2015 from industry leaders

Chris Petersen, Asset Guru chief executive

Chris Petersen, Asset Guru chief executive

1. Key channel plays for 2015

We see the channel moving ahead in 2015. Unlike 15 years ago, the new wave for resellers is to sell through industry relevant businesses. This network of like minded businesses is the way that Asset.Guru, Intuit and Xero are able to grow so quickly.

2. Key technology for 2015

In Australia, the two key technologies will still be mobile and the Internet of Things. Using the device you have on you, and how that is connected to other devices remains the wave of the future.

3. Key message to the channel for 2015

We want to help you add value to your clients in 2015. It is our goal to release you from work that was previously un-billable, or tasks that may have been perceived to provide little additional value – even though it took skill to do it! Working with the specialists in Asset Management will help raise the level of conversation with your clients.

4. Key warning to the channel for 2015

Only to be wise when listening to the pessimists of the industry. I recently heard that automation will put many accountants out of work. We don’t see that happening. The ever growing complexities of business will ensure there is plenty to do both now and in the future.

5. Key to Asset Guru's success in 2015

We have two “keys" for 2015.

Firstly – Mobile: It's coming and we can’t wait. I know for me the first thing I reach for after my morning coffee is my mobile! However, I want us to get it right. There should be an elegant simplicity to what we do, and good design is at the heart of that.

Secondly, a value I saw in practice: Last September (2014) I visited the Facebook campus and got to see behind the scenes – speaking to someone in management I learnt about one key value they hold to. The idea that “we are never finished”. Love it - I am gladly borrowing that one!

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