The Upload: Your tech news briefing for Thursday, April 16

The Upload: Your tech news briefing for Thursday, April 16

Europe has a hard case to make against Google... Apple buys Israeli imaging company... Twitter revamps homepage with content

European Union Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager

European Union Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager

In antitrust case, EC could have a tough time proving Google abuse

A European Commission victory in its antitrust case against Google is not a sure bet. The narrowly defined case, focusing on search results that allegedly favor Google Shopping, indicates that the Commission thought that broad charges would not stick, legal experts say. And to successfully conclude the case, the Commission must show that Google's actions harm not just competitors, but consumers as well, which could be a stretch.

Israeli camera tech may be lens on future Apple products

Apple's purchase of LinX Imaging, an Israeli company that makes multilens cameras, hints at future directions for iPhones and iPads. A distinguishing feature of LinX's cameras is the high quality they offer relative to their small size. Those of us who like skinny jeans may rejoice in the possibility that Apple might reverse the trend for ever-bigger mobile gadgets.

Twitter turns home page into news and information hub

Twitter is still trying to make the case to new users, so it's turning its previously stark home page into a portal for news and content around dozens of topics. The redesign should make content posted to the site more accessible to people who aren't interested in tweeting or find it overwhelming to monitor the constantly updated stream.

Make way for 4K: Broadcast conference paves road to super high-end screens

If you're fond of showing off your hi-def gear, it's time to pull out your wallet again, 'cause that stuff will be out of date soon. This year the number of 4K TVs sold around the world will almost triple, and those sales are enticing broadcasters and streaming services to gear up production of content that looks great on those new screens. At the National Association of Broadcasters conference in Los Angeles this week we'll see tons of gear that will allow broadcasters to ramp up their 4K offerings.

Facebook's has net neutrality problems in India

Net neutrality activists in India have problems with's offer of no data charges if you access a few select online services, including the social networking site. While the Facebook-backed service means to extend Internet access more broadly, their concern is that such deals could hold financially-challenged users captive to a few online services, while leaving other services and websites beyond their reach. Some key content providers and a travel site have said they are backing out of the program, after growing online protests.

Etsy IPO priced at $16 per share

If you want to buy Etsy stock instead of handmade knick-knacks or steampunk gear, the online marketplace's IPO is expected to debut at $16 per share, VentureBeat reported. That will raise $267 million for the startup that made its name on the crafts revival, as it gets set to be a Nasdaq-listed company.

Jawbone fitness band now supports Amex payments

Taking a cue from Apple Pay on the Apple Watch, the latest version of Jawbone's fitness tracking band now supports American Express payments using NFC. The design reflects the growing importance vendors are giving to payment applications for wearables as they try to figure out which set of applications will get consumers to bite.

Snapchat uses geolocation technology to poach Uber employees

Of course poaching employees in Silicon Valley would become a technology-driven enterprise: Snapchat is using geolocation on its app to send a message to Uber's employees. Uber employees using Snapchat near the ride-hailing app company's headquarters are offered a "This place driving you mad?" filter, which can be applied to Snapchat photos, a source told Forbes. The filter also displays the Web address of Snapchat's jobs page and pictures of Snapchat's trademark ghost driving a cab and making frustrated or sad faces, Forbes reported.

Watch now

Put a face to a name you're going to be seeing a lot of, and watch EU Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager lay out why the regulator is investigating Google's business practices around Android.

One last thing

In a sign that geek culture may be near its peak -- or that people are tired of stupid Internet memes -- a math problem has gone viral. Are you up to the challenge?

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