13 must have Apple Watch apps

13 must have Apple Watch apps

Get the most out of Apple's first wearable

Today marks the launch of Apple’s first wearable, simply called 'Watch'. Major apps are already available for download with a Wall Street Journal report claiming it is already part of an ecosystem 3000 apps strong. We’ve collated some of the best apps, from Australia and around the world, to provide an insight into how the smartwatch category will be of value to Apple.

Twitter: The Watch will work as a companion screen to the already popular Twitter application. Its ‘taptic’ engine will feed vibrations to wrists when new tweets are posted, and the app will allow fans of the social network to favourite and retweet popular tweets.

It is possible to compose tweets directly from the smartwatch using its dictation function.

Qantas: Qantas was among the first Aussie companies to announce its development of an app for the Apple Watch. Its app will inform Qantas flyers of gate changes, which carousels to collect their baggage from and up to the minute information of their flight timetables.

Additional features of the app include:
• View time-zones of both departure and arrival destinations while in the air
• View waiting time in transit airports, and which lounges you can access
• Frequent flyer account summary

Woolworths: Woolworths' Watch app will locate your nearest stores and provide information on trading hours. Shopping lists can be organised by aisles and collected items can be marked from shopping lists as you grab them. People in the property market will be able to use’s resources on the go with its Apple Watch app. The application will alert property hunters of homes for sale in their local area.

Inspecting properties should be easier as GPS directions can be sent to the Apple Watch and it can be used to dictate voice notes as properties are being inspected. These voice recorded notes are synchronised to a customer’s account.

Group chief product officer, Henry Ruiz, said: “We’ve created an app that gives real estate agents a new way to effectively market their properties to audiences in the locality of their property. This opens up a whole new realm of possibilities to capture the interest of potential buyers who ‘stumble across’ properties in their immediate area,” said Ruiz.

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TripView Sydney: Running between platforms and not sure how much time is left before your train departs? A quick glance at the TripView app could come in handy here.

“Your train will arrive in Town Hall in 3 minutes” is the kind of notification served by TripView’s Watch app.

It will provide glanceable information on platforms, lines and interchange stations, and lets you conveniently swipe between the schedules of your next three trips.

Shazam: Shazam’s Watch app could put an end to people hurriedly scavenging for their iPhone whenever a catchy and unknown song is playing. The app will identify the name and artist of a song and even deliver the lyrics in harmony with the tune for people to sing along.

Commonwealth Bank: Commbank customers will be able to use the bank’s cardless cash feature from its Apple Watch app. It makes it possible to withdraw funds from an ATM without needing a savings or credit card.

The application will help customers find nearby ATMs and display the ‘simple balance’ view popularised on its smartphone app.

The Commonwealth Bank is also piloting the Android version of its smartwatch application.

Westpac and St George: Westpac and St George customers will get all the benefits afforded by Commbank customers -- with the ability to make cardless ATM withdrawals, find nearby ATMs and preview their account balance -- but the app on offer by these institutions goes one further.

Customers travelling will receive a notification when they land at an airport asking them to notify the bank of their overseas status. This will help the bank maintain account security.

Emergency AUS: Watch wearers with the Emergency AUS app will be notified on natural disasters happening within a 5km radius of their location. The app works by tapping into the databases of 20 official natural disaster sources, and will warn Watch owners of approaching bushfires, floods, cyclones and thunderstorms.

Emergency AUS has sent over 25 million notifications on incidents and warnings to Australians in the last 12 months
Emergency AUS has sent over 25 million notifications on incidents and warnings to Australians in the last 12 months

eBay: eBay is using the platform to keep auction bidders in the know of closing prices and to update them when someone places a higher bid.

Expedia: Travel site Expedia will use its Apple Watch app to deliver “pertinent and actionable” insights to tourists as they are travelling.

The app features twenty different types of alerts, covering the status of a flight at the airport, hotel check out times and car-rental pick up and return times.

Australia Post: Online shoppers can get delivery status updates on purchases using the Australia Post Watch app. Collecting a delivery from a parcel locker can be done by using a smartphone to scan a QR code displayed on the smartwatch.

Runtastic: Checking a smartphone post run provides a great summary, but it is little help during a session if you’re trying to beat a personal best. This is where Runtastic’s Watch app is positioned as it will display glanceable statics. Runners can know when the pace needs to be picked up for that record speed or how many kilometres separate them from the finish line.

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