​INSIGHT: Can Cloud-based communications solutions increase employee productivity?

​INSIGHT: Can Cloud-based communications solutions increase employee productivity?

Businesses are turning to Cloud-based communications to give employees mobile and flexible working opportunities.

Businesses are turning to Cloud-based communications to give employees mobile and flexible working opportunities.

Letting employees connect and collaborate anytime, anywhere, and on any device can increase their productivity.

“One of the biggest issues for staff is how to stay on top of huge amounts of information all the time,” says Barry Assaf, Director, Nexon Asia Pacific.

“When most of the day is taken up with meetings, customer requests, interruptions, and distractions, employees need to be able to work efficiently.

“Imagine being able to interact in real-time, avoid complex email trails, and access files more easily. With cloud-based communications tools, businesses can improve overall efficiency, productivity, and competitiveness.”

Nexon has identified three reasons why cloud-based communications solutions can increase employee productivity:

1. Adapt to changing behaviours

Millennials entering the workforce are more likely to rely on mobile devices for communication but that doesn’t mean they want to avoid personal interaction. They want technology to enable them to work the way they want to work, not the way someone else thinks they should work.

Businesses must embrace these expectations and understand there is no longer a one-size-fits all device that matches all work behaviours.

Businesses can encourage behavioural changes in employees towards being more collaborative by implementing cloud-based communication solutions. This behavioural change from slower response times to faster and more flexible work helps to increase productivity because employees are more easily contacted.

“Greater collaboration increases productivity,” Assaf adds. “Cloud-based communications solutions encourage employees to become more social and collaborative.”

2. Direct communication

Solutions that let employees communicate in real-time help to make the collaboration process faster by eliminating the need for long email trails and messages getting lost.

“When employees can get things done in the moment, instead of just talking about them, they can deliver better results, faster,” Assaf adds.

“This means being able to meet with others, take action on the spot, and modify documents on the fly. Secure, cloud-based solutions facilitate this nimble working style.”

3. Mobility

Hosted and cloud-based communication solutions let employees work anywhere and on any device. This improved flexibility helps to increase productivity.

“Being able to access and work on the files you need, as well as talking to the people you need to, regardless of device or location, is vital for genuine mobile productivity,” Assaf adds.

“This means workers can actually be just as productive no matter whether they are in the office, working from home, or on the road.”

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