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Flash and disk combos are the future of storage: Tintri

Flash and disk combos are the future of storage: Tintri

Wants a hybrid strategy for end-users

A combination of flash and disk is the future of storage: Tintri

A combination of flash and disk is the future of storage: Tintri

A hybrid appliance of flash and disk storage is the best way forward for businesses as it provides an all-flash performance with a reduced cost, according to storage and virtualisation company, Tintri’s office of the chief technology officer, Brandon Salmon.

“When we started, we believed that flash was the future, but it is comparatively still expensive to disk when you look at the capacities. But today, for most people, the right choice is having a combined flash and disk storage solution,” he said.

According to Salmon, having such a solution equips a business with balance of economy and performance, in addition to enabling an all flash array in most applications.

“Having such a solution gives the channel choice and ultimately, it’s about a business outcome. We have to keep in mind ways that we can enable the application and get a better business outcome. If we can simplify the environment, it gives the business agility and drives down cost,” Tintri A/NZ managing director, Graham Schultz, added.

Salmon claimed moving into the near future, the company will be introducing VM Scale-Out – a solution that enables businesses to scale its virtualisation environment.

“As you get more virtual machines, you need to have multiple different arrays. So providing a way that you can add those multiple arrays but manage them all together as a single unit is the direction we’re working towards.

“This is something we’ve envisioned to take to market since the start of our time, but now we’ve got the pieces together to be able to finally roll it out,” he said.

Salmon claimed many companies are moving towards this new world as they understand the need for simplicity, efficiency, and reduced costs.

“We have the right abstraction and can simplify things. In our core storage business, we will continue to innovate and increase performance and efficiency with new technologies. In our Cloud and management business, we will be choosing workflows and putting more information there,” he said.

Schultz indicated its channel is key in bringing this to market.

“We are 100 per cent channel focused. We distribute through Avnet and unlike some vendors that have hundreds of partners, we want to remain quite focused on a handful of partners in each of the major states.

“We will enable these channel partners effectively so they can differentiate their offerings, especially as this is fundamentally a different way of thinking about storage when it comes to a virtual environment,” Schultz said.

Schultz also indicated that the company currently has five active partners in the region, and intends to expand that number.

“We’re looking for partners that are operating in this space, that have some exposure to virtualisation – typically storage partners that are also working with VMware and other virtualisation vendors. They should also be partners that have other disruptive technologies such as VDI and Cloud and tend to set a new vision of innovation and receptive to new solutions.”

Tintri recently raised $US125 million in a Series F round which brings the company’s total capital raised to $US260 million. The company will use the funding to accelerate global adoption of VM-aware storage.

The company also recently announced the release of the Tintri VMstore T5000 All-Flash series solution.

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