Time to thrive as Whitman outlines future of Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Time to thrive as Whitman outlines future of Hewlett Packard Enterprise

For the first time in four years, Meg Whitman logged onto LinkedIn and changed her job title.

Meg Whitman - President and CEO, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Meg Whitman - President and CEO, Hewlett Packard Enterprise

For the first time in four years, Meg Whitman logged onto LinkedIn and changed her job title.

Embarking on her new role as President and CEO of the new Hewlett Packard Enterprise, according to Whitman, “not a lot about my job is changing.”

For Whitman still works in the same building, still sits at the same cubicle - “yes, all HPE executives sit in cubes” - and still possesses the same grit and determination needed to drive HPE into a new era.

Addressing the technology industry via her LinkedIn page, Whitman - who joined HP in 2011 as CEO - spoke of every company becoming a technology company, and how businesses can thrive in an age of disruption.

“Companies today can turn ideas into reality in a fraction of the time it took just five or 10 years ago,” Whitman states. “And it’s no secret that technology is fuelling that speed.”

Across every industry, Whitman believes that IT strategy is now business strategy.

“Winners and losers are determined by how quickly they can adapt to take advantage of new opportunities or deal with competitive threats,” Whitman adds.

“In order to thrive in this new era, enterprises must build flexible IT infrastructures, find valuable insights in data, proactively deal with cyber threats, and provide rich digital experiences anytime, anywhere and on any device.”

As reported by Reseller News on November 1 - when the split officially came to life - it’s no surprise to hear Whitman speak of a new company keen to build on past successes, successes that will mould the future direction of the fledging organisation.

The art of separating a $US110 billion company that operated in 120 countries with more than 700 legal entities and an IT infrastructure that spanned three data centres is no mean feat, but 391 days since splitting, the task now lies ahead for HPE.

“We got across the finish line by focusing on a few core values, which can apply to any company going through a major transition,” Whitman adds.

Alluding to three key areas, Whitman spoke of the need to put partnerships first, alluding to the importance HPE is placing on its channel, an approach confirmed locally by Hewlett Packard Enterprise South Pacific managing director, Nick Wilson, when speaking with ARN.

“Believe in the power of collaboration, and take time to build strong relationships with your customers, partners and employees,” Whitman adds.

“If your partners are successful, you’re successful. Our transparency and proactive communication over the past year has united our employees, built trust among our customers and partners, and helped all of our stakeholders understand the benefits of the separation.”

Secondly, Whitman calls on her new company to “have a bias for action” and “take advantage of every new opportunity.”

If there are issues, as Whitman puts it, then “run to the fire” to resolve them.

“Be fast, nimble and responsive to customers, to partners, to employees, to the market and to your shareholders,” she adds. “Never sit still. Empower individuals to make decisions and hold them accountable.”

Finally, Whitman believes that to be successful, HPE must keep innovation at its core.

“Cultivate an entrepreneurial spirit across your entire organisation - I assure you, this is possible even if your company is 75 years old,” Whitman adds.

“It’s now more critical than ever to invest in new thinking and technologies. At Hewlett Packard Enterprise, we are investing more than ever to be at the forefront of new markets.”

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