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UPDATED: Logicalis Australia acquires Thomas Duryea Consulting

UPDATED: Logicalis Australia acquires Thomas Duryea Consulting

Aims to be one of Australia’s greatest integrators

Thomas Duryea Consulting's Andrew Thomas

Thomas Duryea Consulting's Andrew Thomas

IT infrastructure and managed services company, Logicalis, has acquired IT infrastructure consultancy, Thomas Duryea Consulting, for an undisclosed sum.

Thomas Duryea Consulting CEO, Andrew Thomas, issued a statement, by email, about the buyout.

According to Thomas, a ARN Hall of Fame inductee, it will provide the company with an increased service capability, especially in the fields of networking and security.

“Logicalis complements our capabilities around desktop, datacentre, storage and Cloud. We’ll be able to offer expertise around networking and security, with an expanded ICT infrastructure design, implementation and management portfolio.

“We will also have access to competitive financing and Logicalis People, which provides a flexible resourcing model for contract or project staff,” he said, in the statement.

Thomas also spoke to ARN, saying the deal came about when Logicalis Australia was looking to expand its services reach into the region.

“Logicalis Australia has an ambition to grow very quickly and expand their services. It has been in the market, looking for target companies to help it on this path and identified Thomas Duryea Consulting as one of the companies with a complimentary set of services that they wanted to bring and offer to market,” he said.

Thomas mentioned that both businesses have almost no crossover in the services that they offer and in the customers they serve, meaning the acquisition will extend the reach for both businesses.

“It was seen by them as a good fit to expand in that way.”

According to Thomas, the company sees a significant opportunity in becoming part of Logicalis.

“Our customers will benefit the most because the customers that we’ve built relations with ask us for complimentary services that up until now neither of us could provide. We’ve had positive feedback from our vendor partners and this acquisition is also an ability for them to grow their businesses,” he said.

Initially, Thomas Duryea and Logicalis will operate separately, offering an expanded set of services. Changes can be expected after July 2017.

“We will continue to operate under the Thomas Duryea Consulting brand through to July 2017 with our current structure. The vision for the combined businesses is very much around being able to offer a combined set of services.

“After July 2017, we’ll start to bring the businesses more closely together and Thomas Duryea Consulting will trade under the Logicalis Australia banner. But there will be no change to the way we serve customers, support them, and partner with them,” Thomas mentioned.

There will be no changes to staffing as well.

“The two finance departments will be brought together but apart from that, it will be aggressive growth on both sides of the fence. The opportunity is for us is to sell services in a larger addressable marketplace. There’s expectation that we will expand much faster than before and if anything, the effect will be hiring more staff over the coming months.”

In addition, he indicated that Logicalis shares with Thomas Duryea Consulting a commitment to deepen technical skills and provide great customer service.

“We will work to bring customers the very best of Thomas Duryea and Logicalis, already two of Australia’s most trusted and capable IT solution providers,” he added.

Logicalis Australia CEO, Basil O'Raghaillaigh, said combining the strengths of the two businesses creates a compelling value proposition for customers.

“Both companies have been very successful in their chosen fields: Logicalis in networking, unified communications and cloud; and Thomas Duryea in desktop, datacentre, storage and Cloud. Together, we’ve got a very strong offering to take to our customers,” O'Raghaillaigh said.

Over the next few days, both companies will be contacting their partners and educating them on what the acquisition means for their businesses.

“We want to articulate to them the new services model and our ability to now sell more services on each side and how we can work together going forward into the future,” Thomas concluded.

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