yARN: Tech industry stupidity reigned supreme in 2015

yARN: Tech industry stupidity reigned supreme in 2015

Columnist Rob Enderle describes 2015 as yet another year when stupid decisions were the norm. He would like to see folks finally learning from their mistakes, but he won’t be holding his breath.

Here’s a thought, before you spend massive amounts of money collecting more data, why not spend a little analyzing better what you already have? The group that collects the most data doesn’t win, the group that makes the most informed decisions wins -- this is true for business as well as government. Most firms would be far more successful if they focused more on quality results and less on capturing more data.

IoT is stupid

Here is why we aren’t secure enough and we are in a cyberwar. If you can’t adequately secure what you currently have why the heck would you connect a whole bunch of critical systems to the Web? This just seems like we are asking for an apocalyptical end. Security needs to come first and yet, and we saw this with the Chrysler hack, we are still connecting things more effectively than we are securing them.

Can you imagine what would happen if say a million self-driving cars successfully received the command to suddenly turn? We’d be raining cars off the Golden Gate Bridge, 9/11 would look almost insignificant by comparison. Rather than connecting stuff directly to the network maybe consider connecting them to a secure hub instead?

Rethink executive compensation

From Golden Parachutes in the tens of millions to bumping someone up 10x or more in full compensation for a promotion it shouldn’t have taken Martin Shkreli (the problematic now ex-CEO of Turing Pharmaceuticals) to point out that excessive compensation leads to stupid behavior. These mammoth sums of money become huge distractions and often lead to really bad behavior.

The CEO needs to be focused on running the firm, not distracted by his or her own massive compensation package. Giving a new untested CEO tens of millions of dollars just seems whacked.

Time to stop repeating mistakes

It just seems we can look back at the last several years and watch the same mistakes made over and over again. Granted, the vast majority of us will have no control over any of this stuff, but many of us can pick and choose the firms we work for or contract with. Simply looking to see if the board and CEO are repetitively doing stupid stuff should be a natural test before we put our careers or major projects at risk with them.

Maybe if we make better decisions with regard to who we work for or employ then boards will get the message. But given these stupid things are company killers anyway I have little real hope that will happen, but at least we can protect ourselves better.

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