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AWS SUMMIT 2016: Cloud has become the new norm in a world of IT transformation

AWS SUMMIT 2016: Cloud has become the new norm in a world of IT transformation

Stephen Schmidt addresses three patterns of innovation

Stephen Schmidt addresses AWS Summit 2016

Stephen Schmidt addresses AWS Summit 2016

We live in a world where IT transformation is happening on a daily basis, and as a result of this, Cloud has become the new norm, according to Amazon Web Services vice-president and chief information security officer, Stephen Schmidt.

He was speaking at the AWS Summit 2016 in Sydney.

According to Schmidt, businesses aren’t attracted to the Cloud just because it takes them from a CAPEX to OPEX operating model but also because of the agility that Cloud offers to their business.

Schmidt also highlighted three patterns of innovation that he is noticing in the industry.

He mentioned that tech has enabled constraints to be removed.

“Technology has held a promise of accelerating business productivity. But businesses have spent large amounts of time building datacenters that isn’t their area of expertise. As such, their IT infrastructure has ended up slowing the pace of business and makes it less successful.

“What AWS has enabled is unbound creativity through tech,” he said.

In addition, he highlighted how more enterprises are able to improve their pace of business without sacrificing control.

“In the past, businesses had one of two choices – either move fast or stay secure. But now, that has become a myth; it is possible to do both.”

The last trend he highlighted is the ability for organisations to automate everything.

“Customers are moving to simplify everything relentlessly. And driving these innovative workloads is data. As such, data and analytics should be made into a capability within a business and this data should be leveraged to add value to business,” Schmidt said.

“So, moving data into the Cloud is something businesses should start thinking about and they shouldn’t just settle for the status quo. The possibility that Cloud provides is endless.”

He also took the opportunity to announce managed platform updates for its Electric Beanstalk solution and that AWS Lambda will be launching soon in Sydney.

The company has also expanded its Kinesis Firehose solution with Elasticsearch integration, introduced Kinesis Analytics, and has improved Amazon S3 transfer acceleration, in addition to other solutions.

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