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Fujitsu announces high capacity hard disk drives

Fujitsu announces high capacity hard disk drives

Fujitsu has launched a series of new hard disk drives for the OEM (original equipment manufacturer) market. The new drives include three 3.5-inch models targeted at enterprise applications and four 2.5-inch models for use in notebook personal computers and portable equipment.

The 3.5 inch drives incorporate a new high-density disk with an areal density of 18.6G bits per square inch -- around 2.5 times greater than the capacity of Fujitsu's current products. A single platter drive with a capacity of 18.4G bytes is available, as are versions with 36.7G bytes and 73.5G bytes of storage space. The drives have an 8M-byte transfer buffer, average read seek time of 4.5 milliseconds and an internal data transfer rate of 84M bps (bits per second).

The company is targeting the drives, which support SCSI (Small Computer Systems Interface), Ultra SCSI and Fiber Channel interfaces, at high performance workstations and RAID (redundant array of inexpensive disks) systems.

The 2.5-inch disks include models that offer a storage capacity of 10G bytes, 15G bytes, 20G bytes and 30G bytes. The drives feature support for Ultra DMA100 and have a load/unload function which reduces the drive's resistance to impact when not in use by retracting the drive head from the top of the disk when the drive is not in use.

Comprehensive pricing details for the drives were not announced by Fujitsu.

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