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Govt hunts for integrators to overhaul myGov platform

Govt hunts for integrators to overhaul myGov platform

Wants a new myGov update platform that will operate as an extension to, and in parallel with, myGov

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The federal government is calling on systems integrators to design and deliver a new updated version of the myGov government services online portal. 

The government’s Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) posted the ‘opportunity’ on its online Digital Marketplace on 13 March, calling for suppliers to enhance the myGov platform to provide "simple, smart and personalised service to customers".

“We’re looking for a systems integrator with hosting and software partnerships to deliver a myGov update platform that will operate as an extension to, and in parallel with, myGov,” the DTA said in a blog post. “It will improve the way people and businesses...interact with government information and services.”

The government’s myGov platform is a central portal aimed at providing access to more than a dozen different federal government services to individuals online. 

According to the DTA’s blog post about the approach to market, enhancements to myGov will see the platform offer a more effective delivery of government services.

“The Services Australia strategy shows digital services are fragmented and difficult to use,” the DTA said in its post. “There is no single platform where customers can access services and information relevant to their needs. 

“Enhancements to myGov will enable a more effective model for government to deliver the information and services people and businesses need, in a way that works for them,” it added. 

In its approach to market notice notice, the DTA said it is seeking an experienced seller -- or sellers -- that have the capability to design and deliver a digital platform, with supporting documentation.

“This digital platform will offer government services across portfolios and jurisdictions and eventually will integrate these around the events that people experience in their life, such as experiencing a national disaster,” the agency said. 

The DTA specified that potential suppliers would need to respond to the approach to market via the Digital Marketplace rather than the federal government’s traditional procurement mechanism, AusTender.

“The seller is required to propose a suitable package of systems integrator services, with separate options for base software product(s) and hosting platform(s),” the DTA said in its listing for the project on the Digital Marketplace.

“The successful seller will be required to work closely with the DTA and other government agencies involved in this work. 

“The DTA will bring together a multi-disciplinary team, including the seller, and other government and private sector specialists, to deliver this work. The DTA will specify its collaboration requirements in the resulting work order issued following...this request,” the agency added.

The ‘opportunity’ on the Digital Marketplace for the project will be open until 15 April 2020, while the project comes with an estimated start date of 1 July 2020.

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