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Partners invited to apply for new DTA hosting certifications

Partners invited to apply for new DTA hosting certifications

Can apply to be Certified Strategic or Certified Assured providers.

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The Digital Transformation Agency (DTA) has launched two new certifications for partners looking to work in a hosting capacity with federal government agencies. 

Under the DTA’s new Hosting Certification Framework, partners providing services involving data centre usage will need to apply for either Certified Strategic or Certified Assured provider status. 

Partners who do not apply for certification will be classed as “uncertified” but will still be able to work with agencies within “specific settings if their risk assessment determines it is appropriate for them to do so”. 

According to the DTA, the certifications mean partners will meet defined security and risk management standards and have mitigation measures in place that support the outcomes set out in its hosting strategy.  

The highest certification – Certified Strategic – will cover eight components, spanning posture assessment; ownership; disclosure requirements; periodic reviews; ownership, control and operations guarantees; cover reasonable transition out costs and standards-based risk management framework obligations. 

The second tier – Certified Assured – meanwhile will tick off all the categories excluding the final three. All providers, including uncertified, will be subject to Data Centre Facilities Supplies Panel on-going reporting.  

The DTA stressed that a higher level of certification under the framework does not guarantee an award of contracts, while a lower level does not preclude it. 

According to the framework, the DTA will support agencies to specify consistent minimum levels of certification for certain systems and data sets, for example, requiring that any reusable platform must be hosted in a Certified Strategic data centre. 

The DTA said in a blog post that the framework aims to reduce data sovereignty, ownership and supply chain risks, ensure government hosting services are more efficient and cost-effective and provide certainty on the Australian government hosting operating environment for industry and agencies. 

Partners are now able to register for their new certifications and the DTA will begin certification of hosting providers on the current Data Centre Facilities Supplies Panel. 

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