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Why Apple’s Facebook hiring fiasco never should have happened

Why Apple’s Facebook hiring fiasco never should have happened

The right ending still leads to troubling conclusions.

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The Macalope doesn't know about you, but he went on quite a personal journey of discovery about Apple's controversial hiring then firing of Antonio García Martínez, a rollercoaster of a human resources debacle that played out last week.

The Macalope's first thought was I don't have an opinion about this because I don't know who this person is. You know, like you do about things you don't know anything about. Then he learned García Martínez used to work at Facebook.

So, starting to have some feelings, feelings that can largely be summed up by Ew. But Facebook employment should not necessarily be a disqualifying event, provided you perform certain acts of contrition and possibly an exorcism or two.

But we're just getting started.

Apple, you may recall, is a company that prides itself on its pro-privacy stance and uses it in marketing as a differentiating factor between itself and its competitors. The Macalope in particular has consistently been a cheerleader for this stance and believes smartphone reviews should take it into consideration, which they almost never do.

So it's really a burr in the fur when you see the company hiring someone who said this:

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