Meet the WIICTA winner: Rose Herden of Thales

Meet the WIICTA winner: Rose Herden of Thales

Herden was inspired by her family to break into the IT industry.

Rose Herden (Thales)

Rose Herden (Thales)

Credit: Rose Herden

As the ARN Women in ICT Awards 2022 winner of the Technical Vendor/Distributor, Rose won this award during her time at Veeam. She was recognised for her diverse array of IT skills in multiple areas across cyber security and warfare. She became Veeam’s first ever trainer tasked with managing training for the APJ region, bringing about the adaption of ‘Hands On Lab’ sessions while racking up various accolades across the business.

How did you get your break in the IT industry and what prompted you to specialise in your field?

It started off with my sister and her husband. They were the ones who sparked my interest in their fields. Despite my sister’s effort, application development was not for me. My brother in law got me interested in infrastructure and cybersecurity because we spoke about things like physical security and ninjas!

This got me wondering about more realistic security measures both proactive and reactive. One thing led to another and I started at infrastructure, moved to backups and disaster recovery and now into encryption at Thales.

What are some of your proudest achievements or projects?

I’ve learnt a lot of skills and knowledge that I’ve been able to use to support people. I am happy that I was able to write a book that benefit a lot of people to pass an exam. While it was free, some people paid and that money was donated to the tech girls movement.

What are some of your professional ambitions in the months ahead?

I had grand plans for this year but unfortunately have had to put it on hold till I get a handle on my very unexpected lung cancer diagnosis. Following surgery, I expect to be back in about 6 months (around June or so) to continue pursuing my Masters in Cybersecurity and Advanced Criminology and Forensics.

What is the most surprising or profound thing you've learned or discovered while working in the IT industry?

Growing up, I was told there is no room for questions and you will need to figure it out. Also that men will shun  you because this a male dominated industry and IT isn’t for women. Every part of that was incorrect and I have had some excellent male mentors and colleagues over the years. Yes, there will be a few that might abide by that older concept but a majority will help you learn and guide you to where you need to be.

Who or what has influenced you professionally?

My sister and brother in law. They are constantly encouraging my professional development and the loudest voices in the crowd that cheer me on.

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