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Dreamcast Internet use tops 1M

Dreamcast Internet use tops 1M

Sega Enterprises announced last week that the number of people accessing the Internet through its Dreamcast gaming terminal has topped one million.

The majority of users of the Dreamcast Network service, which offers the connectivity to users, are in Japan. Against the 520,000 users in its home market, Sega also has 280,000 users in the US and 200,000 in Europe.

Using the Dreamcast game consoles, subscribers can browse the Web, access and send e-mail and enter chat services, in addition to battling other game players in remote locations with network-compatible games.

Sega also announced that, as of the end of December, sales of Dreamcast consoles in the US, where the terminal has been available since September 1999, outnumbered those in Japan, where it has been available since November 1998. The company has sold 1.85 million units in the US, 1.79 million units in Japan and 760,000 units in Europe.

Despite its lead in terms of straight sales, US users fall way behind those in Japan and Europe when Dreamcast Network use is calculated as a percentage of terminals sold. In Japan, use represents 29 per cent, in Europe 26 per cent and in the US just 15 per cent, but users in Japan and Europe can access the service free of charge.

In the US, access is offered through AT&T Worldnet.

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