MSPs are in an increasingly fragmented environment: GFI Max

Managed services software vendor recommends MSPs evolve into more than just IT support.

MSPs are operating in a changing business and IT landscape, according to GFI Max.

General manager, Alistair Forbes, said they have gone from being network technicians to dealing with a much more fragmented environment for customers.

“No only do MSPs need to evolve their business and offerings, they need to articulate that to their customers so they can demonstrate how they remain relevant in a world that is more Cloud and mobile enabled,” he said.

The Cloud has an image of being simple to get up and running, to the point where only a swipe of credit card is needed, and Forbes said this challenges the role of the MSP.

“The question is how to demonstrate their ongoing value to become a 'perpetually valuable' MSP to customers,” he said.

If an MSP sticks to its image of being “someone that looks over the PCs and servers,” Forbes said they run the risk of being marginalised as Cloud services become more heavily adopted and used.

Facilitating IT delivery

In an effort to support its MSP network, GFI Max has designed its managed services software to be used as a tool that can be added to an MSP's service delivery toolkit.

The software GFI Max provides forms a part of that approach, though Forbes adds the software vendor is invested in assisting it partners in terms of their business objective.

“Our business interest is very much aligned with theirs, since there is more demand for our services as their business grows,” he said.

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