Citrix ShareConnect extends the power of your PC to your tablet

Citrix ShareConnect enables users to access, view, and edit files from their desktop PCs from an iPad or Android tablet while on the go.
  • Tony Bradley (PC World (US online))
  • 05 September, 2014 07:08

In an ideal world, a tablet would be an extension of the PC - a device that is more portable, yet still enables users to continue work done while on the go. Tablets like the iPad and Samsung Galaxy Tab do work in that capacity to an extent, but not seamlessly. Citrix is changing things, though, with the launch of Citrix ShareConnect, which it calls a remote access innovation that extends the promise of mobile workspaces on any device.

How does Citrix plan to achieve that goal? Citrix ShareConnect enables users to access and edit files stored on their desktop PCs, or run processor-intensive or industry-specific desktop applications directly from an iPad or Android tablet.

With ShareConnect, users don't have to figure out how to save or sync files or find compatible alternatives to get work done. Users can simply use the applications and data they always use and pick up where they left off as they switch from desktop to tablet and back again.

ShareConnect has a clean user interface that has been optimided for both iOS and Android. Desktop applications become swipe, pinch, and zoom enabled, and function as if they were designed for a tablet in the first place.

There are other tools and solutions out there that provide similar capabilities. For example, Younity indexes all of your data from your PCs and allows you to access files and stream media without having to upload everything to the cloud. Cloud services like Box have tools available to enable you to create, view, and edit Microsoft Office and other files.

Citrix offers a more comprehensive solution, though. With products like ShareFile, XenMobile, and the Worx Mobile Apps, Citrix has positioned itself as a complete end-to-end mobility platform, enabling businesses and business users to take full advantage of what mobile devices have to offer without sacrificing security in the process.

ShareConnect is available for free to download from the iTunes App Store, or from Google Play. Connecting to and using ShareConnect requires a ShareFile account on a plan that includes ShareConnect access. Plans start at $30 per user per month.