Which Cloud hosting partner is most likely to win your business?

Which tech giant is most likely to win significant cloud hosting projects? Amazon Web Services? Microsoft? IBM?

IBM has been named as the company most likely to win significant cloud hosting projects, following a 451 Research survey of almost 2,000 enterprise cloud users.

Commissioned by Microsoft, key findings from the survey, Hosting and Cloud Survey 2015 claim that 50 percent of current public cloud users are already shifting workload to private cloud environments, with 52 percent expecting to do so in the future.

Findings show that the primary reason for this shift is security, followed by control with IBM listed as the company most likely to win Cloud business at 18 per cent, followed by Microsoft 11 per cent and Amazon Web Services 6 per cent.

According to the tech giant, the primary reasons that companies are moving to Cloud have little to do with cost, but rather business growth, agility, and quality.

"If you look at the kinds of cloud deals IBM is signing, you'll see how the cloud market is starting to split between low-end commoditised Cloud offerings and players, and higher-value, higher-profit cloud opportunities," an IBM spokesperson told news website Talkin’ Cloud.

”This is not dissimilar to most IT markets as they mature. And, as with every other element of its business, IBM is targeting the latter."