Navigating the storage minefield

This simple tool will help your sales team close more storage deals and better serve clients

Organisations and individuals alike are creating more data than ever before. As the need to collate, store and analyse data increases, clients will begin to ask different questions from their storage consultants. Many of these they will be able to answer, but some they may not especially considering the constant barrage of new terminology that inundates IT.

Your sales teams are experts at what they do, but in the same way you provide your clients consulting and expertise on things that are not their core business, you should provide support to your sales staff to help them with the more technical aspects of what they are selling.

The goal should be to equip sales with the tools they need to address the concerns and questions of clients but not overload them with unnecessary information. Fortunately, Avnet has developed such a tool that will guide your sales team through different storage platforms in a way that is simple, easy to use and more importantly, easily relatable to clients.

The Simply Oracle Tool explains the different storage offerings in the datacentre space in a way that will empower your sales team and not perplex them. Using this simple companion, your team will create more opportunities, close more deals and get more repeat business.