Optus eSIM technology taps into Aussie wearables market

Optus has joined Telstra in the eSIM technology stakes, launching its Optus Number Share offering

Optus has launched its eSIM technology, Optus Number Share, enabling its customers to use the same number between their eSIM enabled wearable device and their smartphone.

Specifically, Optus Number Share will allow customers to make and receive calls and messages from any wearable device with an embedded SIM – an eSIM, without needing to have their smartphone in close proximity.

Once a wearable and a mobile device are connected to the Optus network, both devices will share a customer’s mobile plan inclusions such as calls, text and data. 

Optus’ move closely follows Telstra’s push into the wearables space, with the Telstra One Number eSIM technology being announced on 13 September.

Telstra One Number is said to be made available to its customers on a “range of up-coming devices” but did not specify which devices are compatible.

Similarly, no further information was provided about Optus Number Share, except that it will be available from 22 September.

In lieu of Optus Number Share, Optus also announced limited time offers on value-packed premium handset plans, which include up to 100GB per month of data, including access to entertainment streaming.

New or re-contracting Optus customers who sign up to a 24 month contract on Optus’ premium My Plan Plus or My Plan Flex options will pay $120 per month for their monthly access fees, excluding handset repayment fees.

“From today, we’re offering customers our premium plan for just $120 per month for 24 months, which includes the very latest handset technology with monthly handset repayments starting from $0,” Optus managing director of marketing and product, Ben White, said.

These plans are usually $160 per month, but customers will receive $30 off per month for the life of their plan if they sign up before 26 October.