A total QNAP solution significantly improved productivity and made IT administration fun again


YMtech was established in 2010 as an IT managed services company. Within the first 2 years it grew to be a technology solution provider and a leading technology consulting firm. YMtech's clients include companies from various industries like manufacturing, business hubs, multimedia studios, finance and the public sector. Business-to-business services includes IT consulting and training, IT managed services, hosting and cloud services.


For YMtech, the burden of licensing costs for their original solutions is heavy especially when only basic subsets of features are used. Also, the lack of a centralized device fleet management makes their daily work difficult with hundreds of clients to take care of. With their clients coming from virtually all industries, YMtech sought a solution that not only would solve these issues but also house all of their applications/systems in a unified and flexible way.


After extensive in-house research, YMtech selected QNAP as their solution provider. Versatile hardware and software are used to solve their challenges - including the TS-EC880U R2 NAS for high-performance storage; the TVS-EC880 NAS and the Q’center solution for centralized device management; Virtualization Station for running VMs, the TS-877 NAS for graphics computing with an optional GPU; and the TS-463XU NAS for offsite storage.


With these versatile QNAP products at their disposal, YMtech experienced huge increases - up to 200% - in the efficiency of maintenance and administration. For their clients, a typical 20% to 50% productivity increase was attained. With such noticeable changes, user feedback from clients are positive with boosted reliability and reduced cost in sight. "Working with QNAP technology has made my daily work exciting," said Mauro Garcia, YMtech's ICT Customer Support Officer.

"QNAP is a whole network in a box, one solution does it all." - Yuri Miloslavsky, Founder and Managing Director, YMtech

"We envision NAS as being more than "simple storage" and committed to drive innovations to enable users to host and develop IoT, artificial intelligence, and machine learning solutions to embrace the future of technology." - Jamie Yang, ANZ Marketing Director, QNAP

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