Stories by ARN Staff

  • Alpha West wins school security deal

    The ability to tailor a flexible and cost-effective licensing arrangement has won West Australian network security specialist Alpha West a new three-year antivirus deal with the Education Department of WA.

  • Microsoft plans massive call centre rollout with Nortel gear

    Microsoft has chosen Sydney as one of two implementation test beds for a massive call centre partnership with Nortel. Using Nortel's Symposium Call Centre server is planning to build what it calls "virtual call centres", in which geographically dispersed centres are networked so the operation appears to calls as one centre.

  • Microsoft release Internet Explorer for HP-UX

    Microsoft this week released a version of Internet Explorer 4.01 for a second Unix platform, HP-UX. The software maker also released its Outlook Express e-mail client and an Internet Explorer administration kit for HP-UX.

  • IBM mainframes break 1000mips barrier

    IBM has given its largest corporate users some unexpected good news, announcing it will deliver its G5 series of mainframes later this quarter with about 15 per cent more performance than originally planned.

  • Start-up Illumin8 lights up procurement software market

    An Australian start-up, Illumin8, has developed Merchandiser, an enterprise solution for business-critical Internet commerce. It is for companies like these that Vernon Keenan's words (see story above) about the battle for e-commerce business would be jarring.

  • Umax range grows

    Computer Enterprises has announced the first line of UmaxPCs for the Australian market.

  • RPK updates Encryptonite

    The latest iteration of RPK's Encryptonite software toolkit promises developers more platforms to create applications with embedded fast public key encryption.

  • Cover your errors

    ARN Tabloid has never made any kind of demonstrable error of fact or spelling in its long history of quality journalism.