Stories by Stephen Bell

  • Tablet v PC - Asus straddles the fuzzy divide

    In the face of a slump in PC sales and industry debate over whether the smartphone or tablet is now the preferred tool for a large segment of domestic and even small business users, Asus continues to release a number of combined and flexible devices that try to play on both sides of the dividing lines.

  • Aussie consumer law starts to bite ISPs

    The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission has taken ISP ByteCard Pty. Limited (also known as Netspeed Internet Communications) to court in the first ICT-sector test of consumer legislation which has close parallels in a New Zealand Bill now before Parliament.

  • Microsoft veteran talks good and bad of new SharePoint

    The 2013 upgrade of Microsoft's SharePoint collaboration environment has significant enhancements over the previous -- 2010 - version, particularly in enhanced search and working in the Cloud, but it still has its limitations, ex-Microsoft specialist Ian Morrish warns.

  • ACTA ratification faces NZ hurdles

    The Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement (ACTA), though signed by New Zealand last October, will be opened to public consultation in the first of several legislative stages the agreement must pass through before it is ratified.

  • Code aims to end 'Cloud' truth-bending

    Adherents to a cloud code of practice could be prohibited from advertising a service as a "cloud" offering if it does not conform to the dictates of the voluntary code now under consideration.

  • NZ Fauna app fills 'crazy' lack of animal info

    Exploring information about New Zealand fauna with his two-year-old son, Ryan Ghisi was surprised there was not already an iPad application about the country's unique wildlife "I thought it was crazy that no-one had done anything like that," he says. So he set out to develop one.

  • Just rewards

    Brett Hibbert has been working for Loyalty NZ, which runs the FlyBuys loyalty scheme, for five years, and as its head of IT and operations for the past 12 months. Before he moved into his present role, Hibbert's experience was in mainstream business, with an emphasis on merchandising. His knowledge and involvement in ICT evolved as he worked across Loyalty NZ.

  • Student exposes NZ govt Web site shortcomings

    The winner of the New Zealand Computer Society's (NZCS) annual Wellington-based honors student research contest has claimed his award by uncovering shortcomings in accessibility of government Web sites for disabled and other disadvantaged users.

  • NCR tests own RFID platform

    NCR will launch programs designed to process the enormous amounts of data associated with radio frequency identification (RFID).

  • Veritas trials recovery from the browser

    Storage software company Veritas Software is conducting a beta trial of a web browser-based data recovery tool designed to help users recover lost files themselves from backup copies.