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Stories by Trevor Clarke

  • From the horse’s mouth: Form in the security game

    Around this time of year, when the bubbly Spring Carnival subsides and the turf clubs take stock of another season of thundering hooves, gambling tendencies shift from the track to other pursuits like cricket. In the IT industry, a similar migration also takes place as the punters’ attention turns from the relentless product launch rumours to yearly reviews and previews, especially in the security space.

  • Bearing Northward

    Australia can be a land of business opposites. On the one suntanned hand, it is vast, economically magnanimous and endowed with a surplus of nature’s bounty that supplies a wealthy, developed market. On the other, it is ridden with natural barriers, geographically remote from the world’s trading centres and burdened with a small population. Its few sizeable businesses have traditionally looked to the distant and cut-throat markets of the US and Europe, instead of its populous neighbours to the immediate north, to achieve growth.

  • The predictions game

    Accurately calling industry trends 12 months out is a dicey game many analysts have to face. Some shun it as a marketing ploy, while others take to it like a croc to an ignorant swimming tourist – ruthless and unforgiving.

  • Gershon contractor cuts the right approach: Tanner

    Minister for Finance and Deregulation, Lindsay Tanner, has defended the decision to proceed with a 50 per cent cut in government ICT contractors as part of the Federal Government’s acceptance in full of the Gershon review recommendations.

  • HP, Paul Robson: Two in a row

    This time last year HP was the toast of the hardware vendor town. In 2007, it had become the world’s leading PC vendor and was rewarded for its channel consistency with the ARN Hardware Vendor of the Year award.

  • VoIP vantage point: Uninhibited UC

    When Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) first grabbed the public’s fickle attention a few years ago, the focus was often on how you could save on your telephone bill. Not wanting to add to the kitty of the big telecommunication corporations, it seemed, was a commonly held aspiration.

  • Data #3 shaves staff

    ASX-listed integrator, Data#3, has trimmed its head count in reaction to the dour economic climate.