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Stories by Trevor Clarke

  • Charting a course through MFPs

    Is it a printer, a fax, a copier, or a good excuse to lurk and chew the fat with colleagues while you pretend to look busy in the office? Whatever your take on multifunction printers (MFPs), there is no doubt they are an increasingly convenient and feature-rich addition to companies Australia-wide.

  • Top 3 technologies

    With the constant stream of new product announcements hitting the press, tracking the ebb and flow of storage technologies can be irksome to say the least.

  • Seeking storage and security standards

    It’s rare to find any technology that works in complete seclusion from the rest of the industry. So when two fields that interact on a perpetual basis at the level of sensitive corporate and government data, you would expect a semblance of standards to regulate activity.

  • Giving it your all

    Outside of the office there is always leisure time for a bit of reading, retail therapy and Internet surfing. At work, however, the focus for Express Data purchasing team leader, Isabel Reid, is happily on producing the goods day in, day out.

  • Playing by the rules

    There is a familiar adage that rules are meant to be broken. In school, this might have seemed like a delightful proposition; one that many, if not too many, took up. But in the IT industry and the economy at large, it just doesn’t hold water. In fact, with compliance to ever-expanding legal obligations becoming more burdensome while also being vital to brand reputation and data integrity, there are few that want to be seen bending the law.

  • Serving up a solution

    While virtualisation and blade technology have shaken up the server market, little copy has been inked about server operating systems. Yet, with Microsoft due to launch its Windows Essential Server Solution – which combines both Small Business Server (SBS) and Essential Business Server (EBS) – in early November, the server operating system market is sharply coming into focus.